“Working with a talented photographer who understands what it means to be a mother, daughter, sister and a friend, allowed my session to be relaxed and meaningful. I stepped out of my comfort zone and allowed myself to be the primary subject in front of the camera.” 

Suzanne Boland

“Jocelyn captured my family better than I could have dreamed. She is beyond talented, and brought out the very best in all of us. I am so grateful that she did our portraits. I HIGHLY recommend her. Don't put it off any further. Hire her!” 

Frank and Natasha Batista

“Jocelyn has been a part of our family since before our children were born. The twelve years of family portraits she has created for us are a priceless investment. Jocelyn's artistry graces our home, brings us joy, and reminds us how our family has grown, flourished and how precious each stage in their lives have been.” 

Ben and Chanda Wallace

“As the days of our lives pass by, it becomes more and more evident that nothing is more valuable than the memories that we make along the way. Choosing someone to capture the lives of you and your loved ones is a very important decision. I am so happy that I chose Jocelyn M. Artistic Photography to provide my family with a lifetime of memories that will be around for generations.” 

Corliss and Michelle Williamson

About US

Life, is Art. TM

l am a believer. 

I believe in family and love, tradition, art and legacy.

In today's fast pace world of iPhones, the selfie or the neighbor with a camera, there remains a need and a place for a professional to capture all the special moments in your family's and children's lives.

I capture the moments on the inside, from maternity and beyond. Together, we will plan and create beautiful artwork of your family to be proudly displayed and enjoyed as the art in your office and home.

Everyone loves a picture but everyone should own a portrait.
I am Jocelyn. A believer in family as the most important art in your life.

I capture all those wonderful artful moments in yours and your children's lives, so that you may

hang on to them for a little while longer.

I believe, Life, is Art.
- Jocelyn M

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“A portrait speaks.”

“It has depth. It makes you ponder and causes an emotion, a visceral reaction. It belies an era in its’ execution, allowing the viewer to linger in wonderment and awe.”
-Jocelyn M.

Oil Painted & Fine Art Portraits

Each stroke of the paint brush on an oil portrait is done by Jocelyn. Having a masterful understanding of light, tone, mood and style lends to a work of art known as fine art, created with a passion and attention to every detail.

The ultimate luxury. Fine Art and Masterpiece Oil portraits go beyond what is captured in camera. Masterpiece Oil portraits are painted by Jocelyn, using artist oils and mixed media to create an original work of art. Each painting is finished on canvas and sprayed with lustre lacquer for richness and longevity. Fine Art B&W portraits begin with Jocelyn's highly sought after lighting that creates rich deep tones and specular highlights for each subject. Each portrait is hand printed on museum quality papers by our master printer in NYC. Artist Enhanced portraits are born of Jocelyn's keen eye and creativity, using a variety of art media and artists techniques to create a one of a kind art piece. Fine Art portraits are signed by Jocelyn.

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Family: Home. Travel. Location. Portraits

Nothing is more beautiful than your family, except perhaps, capturing that beauty in a portrait

Family portraits are created to withstand the test of time. Each session is designed for your lifestyle and personal tastes. You will work closely with Jocelyn to plan and ensure your portraits are breathtaking works of art that you will be proud to hand down to generations to come. Jocelyn travels extensively nationally and abroad for portrait sessions with new and regular clients. Contact her for capturing a special vacation, travel abroad, vow renewals, holiday, oil portraits and professional portrait sessions.

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Professional Portraits & Branding

Take your professional image
and brand to the next level.

Who are you? Your professional portrait tells potential clients who you are within seconds of them viewing it. Before they even read a word on your website, app, LinkedIn or business card, they look at the image you’ve chosen to represent yourself to your market base. Jocelyn works closely with business clients who understand the value of taking their professional image to the next level. Together, you will work closely to ensure your image, marketing and/or branding stands far above the rest. Jocelyn will not stop until your image is taken to the next level and increases your revenue and client base. She works with CEO’s, Medical Professionals, Recording Artists, Authors, Small Business Owners, Celebrities, Realtors or any professional who wants a bit of an edge when it comes to the competition.

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Senior Portraits

We don’t follow the trends, we make them!

The end of high school is the beginning of your adulthood. Jocelyn works with you to create portraits you will be proud of for the rest of your life. Taking a team approach, you will work with Jocelyn to plan the senior portrait session of your dreams! Hair and makeup changes and styling is always available and Jocelyn likes to change things up for each outfit you wear. Choose your own locations and style. Just look at our senior images and see for yourself that they are beyond the regular senior portraits. We don’t follow the trends, we make them.

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The Modern Woman Portraits

It takes a woman to know how a woman should be photographed to ensure
she sees herself as the beauty everyone else knows her to be.”

We are more than moms, wives and girlfriends. We are strong, capable, soft and feminine. We’re staying younger longer, and feeling great! It’s time to celebrate all that the modern woman brings to the world. Look at these modern women and why they chose to say that yes, I am important too. A portrait of a mother in the home tells a daughter that it’s okay to make yourself a priority. It says to her son, that one day, he may have a loving yet independent woman as his life partner. It says to herself, that she is worthy of celebration, all on her own.

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