Quote of the day:

"The portrait is not a picture. It is art"
- Jocelyn M.

About our Photographer

Jocelyn M.

She has a passion. To create stunning art for everyone.

Jocelyn knows that every person has a story to tell; in their
eyes, their laugh or smile, their hands or their easy solitude~ every person has something to say that is worth noting and capturing as photographic art.

Jocelyn wanted to prove that you don’t have to be famous to have beautiful and artful portraits of your children or family. It has been her delight to offer her skill and detailed eye to create portraits for all families, be it a celebrity or the neighbor next door.

As Jocelyn stated; “It is my duty to always create visually
stunning portraits to all of my clients. They deserve nothing less than the best in skill, excellence in service and a dedication to creating art for everyone who comes to me for portraiture.”

“In my eyes, everyone is beautiful and that should be celebrated, captured and passed down to generations to come, and that is what I do.”

She and her staff pride themselves on having a professional yet fun and relaxed environment for every client. “We keep it light and easy each time we meet with a client. Life is not only art, it is supposed to be fun!”

“Our clients come back to us over and over because we are more than a portrait studio, we become friends and family,” Jocelyn states. Building long lasting relationships has been the key to her longevity and reputation as one of the most sought after professional portrait photographers in her community.

“To me, it is simple. Welcome everyone with open arms, then create a stunning portrait for them. I love people and their beauty.”

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